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Remote Controlled Tank

4th Miss Cav

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4th Miss Cav

Bought this from Wal Mart about 18 years ago on clearance for $25.00.  They had a stack of them.  Wish now I would have bought every one of them.  16 inches tall 2.5 feet long with metal tracks.  It has run over my kids "on accident" a couple of times.  We had a lot of fun with this when my boys were young.  


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know a guy who has one. I recall all of the planes and armor and the1/6 figures. The series of toys had a lot of nice items. Just saw the Huey and Cobra helicopter  a few weeks ago.


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Proud Kraut

Looks super detailed and very well painted. $25 sounds like a steal for such a tank, awesome.

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I have one of these Grant tanks as well, it even used to shoot a projectile from it's gun. Sadly, while proving to a friend of mine that this tank could go through the woods, I ended up snapping off the gun. I glued it back on but, it no longer fires. These have a small motorcycle type battery in them, real engine sounds,  rotating torrent and machine gun sounds. Really pretty awesome!

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