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320 infantry regiment (H Company) of 80 divisions - World War I


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I am looking for any knowledge about the participation in World War I of the 320 infantry regiment (H company) from 80 divisions. My grandfather's brother Adam Dumbrowski (Dombrowski) fought in France. I know this regiment took part in the Battle of Meuse-Argonne. Adam Dumbrowski (Dombrowski) lived in Baltimore. I am enclosing some photos and press information about Adam.

Adam karta mobilizacyjna Madera Pennsylwania.png

AdamDombrowski 1949.jpg


The_Evening_Sun_Tue__Nov_14__1961_ (1).jpg

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I suggest starting with the "80th Division Summary of Operations in the World War".  This short book and the accompanying maps will give you good basic detail on where and what your great-uncle's unit was doing during the war.  You can read the book and view the maps on line at https://maps.lib.utexas.edu/maps/historical/ww1/index.html  (there was one done on each AEF division).


These books were produced by the American Battle Monuments Commission and I have found them to be largely factually accurate.  They are not commercial histories so you will get "just the facts" on where, when and what.  But, that said, you' can get a good appreciation for the 320th Infantry Regiment's activities during the war.  


The actual books show up for sale now and then so if you are patient you can probably find an example for sale (check https://www.abebooks.com -- there is at least one original copy for sale through that site now).



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