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Britain's Confederate Limber and Team

4th Miss Cav

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On 10/17/2021 at 10:11 AM, 4th Miss Cav said:

A gift from my wife about 20 years ago.  One of my favorite pieces.

I didn't know Britains made figures of this realistic style that long ago.  For many years, they painted their figures in what I call the "Toy Soldier on parade" look.  Nothing realistic as this one. 

Nice.  I have always wanted to have a display of a cannon and limber team.


A few years ago, I was researching a breechloading cannon used by General Chalmers' Cavalry division.  My friend who is a Dealer found a set of Britains that had this Williams Gun Cannon and 3 figures.  

Now I have built this cannon in 1/6 scale which I described the process under MODELS folder.  




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4 hours ago, 4th Miss Cav said:

Very nice. That has to be a rare set

I'm not sure.  He found another model of it but I think it was mounted on a fixed position and not a carriage.  


Check out my 1/6 Scale model of my Williams Gun.  But skip to the last page with the re-uniformed crew.

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Used to look at this catalog all time when I was a kid. And yes this is the same catalog,  I kept it all these years.. Could never afford them, and we didn't have any local store that carried them. 




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