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Hi to all,


I just want to share with you this WW1 CAMO helmet bought one year ago.


Its is in very good shape and has a very odd chnistrap cut in the lenght. Maybe to fit to the chin.


I've found a name on the rim and on the tag. Very hard to read. Baclyk, Bachyk or maybe Bachouk.


This helmet cames with a Brodie with a nice insignia of an ordnance detachment.


Have a great day



20211016_181242 ABOVE.jpg

20211016_181344 SIDE ONE.jpg

20211016_181349 SIDE TWO.jpg

20211016_181406 INSIDE.jpg

20211016_181419 NUMBER.jpg

20211016_181445 CHINSTRAP.jpg

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This type of modification was done to make the helmet more stable. It’s fairly uncommon to see them fully intact, as it weakened the strap. 

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Real nice paint on this one !!! And the modified chin strap too.

Thank you for this post ! Thank you AEF1917 for the info on the strap !

Great Helmet !!! What does the Brodie look like ?



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