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Interesting Book I just found from a sailor on the USS Ino

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Hello all, 


This is a leather-bound book published in 1764. It is in fairly good condition for its age, with intact binding and no missing or torn pages. The title of the book is "Select Lives by Plutarch" There is a front inscription in ink that reads, "“This book belonged to David Henderson, my shipmate on board of the U.S. Ship Ino 1862 and the flowers pressed inside I got at St. Helena. Most of them at Napoleon’s grave, and the rest at his residence at Longwood – some 7 or 8 more from the landing at Jamestown C.G. Brigham There is another name, Leo W. Jordan in pencil as well. Amazingly, there are remnants of 3 flowers pressed within the pages.


I found pension records fore C.G. Brigham from the Ino, still trying to determine the other names. Really interesting find.


Any thoughts on where I be able to find the ships roster for the USS Ino? Trying to figure out the final names.






Front Cover.jpg


Title Page.jpg


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Yeah - it is awesome. I found it at a militaria show in Massachusetts. The cool part if that the sailor in question was carrying around a 100 year old book....and by the looks of it, reading it frequently. Here is the pension record I found for Charles G. Brigham.....at least a first step!




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Very cool, something very magical about antiquarian books and flowers from Napoleon’s grave! Very cool.

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