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US Blue Jackets


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Another set of toy soldiers by Britians Ltd. in this case US sailors from Britian’s “A” series produced for a few years from 1929 onward. These would be considered second grade figures as they are not painted to Britians highest standards, noting details were not painted in/fewer colors used, the figures had fixed arms vice moveable arms, and there are only 7 figures per box vice 8 as normally found. Certainly the box was much plainer.  Perhaps the “A series” was in response to the start of the worldwide depression which would of course impact even the toy soldier market. Still a box from this series is much harder to find in this condition then a regular box of Britians US Bluejackets. Also included is a A series US Marine. It’s interesting to note when the company started producing Marines for their standard series they outfitted them with the 1922 pattern cap…but the later produced figure shown here is wearing the 1917 bell crown-7 years after the Corps phased it out! 





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