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Painted Medic Helmet With Hollywood Connection


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Here’s something I think you’ll all enjoy.  I recently picked up a medic’s helmet that was a “Prototype Design Combat Medic” by the Western Costume Company, in Hollywood, that was reportedly used for the 1962 show “Combat”.  The helmet was part of an extensive WWII uniform prop collection recently auctioned off by the estate of a gentleman who worked in Hollywood in the 1950’s - 60’s.  I know next to nothing about WWII helmets, other than painted ones are frequently faked.  The helmet liner “W” appears to be dated 1962 and the steal-pot has no marking I can see, and is a front seam, swivel-bail (not sure if my terminology is correct).  I’d be curious what you guys think of the paint job and helmet in general.  Anyway, the cool factor is way up there, and I still enjoy watching old  “Combat” episodes.  Comments?












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I was watching that auction, by centurion auctions I think. They had Vic morrows complete outfit including Tommy gun. And lots of others.

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That was a great auction.  I actually went and looked at Lee Van Cleef’s Good, Bad and Ugly hat prior to the auction, and intended to bid on it.  I was dreaming, it sold for $11,250.  But, you’re right, that’s where I got the medic helmet.

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Yes, google Centurion auctions past auctions and look for the link to the October 7th auction.  The movie props start on page 16 and there are a bunch of them, some going for big bucks.  

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