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PH, MIA Battle of Java Sea 1942


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Posted this in the medal group but also wanted to share here! 

Picked this up a few months back, a small medal grouping to a gentleman who was KIA upon the USS Langley during the battle of Java sea in 1942.  Pretty amazing find I had locally. 


Per Findagrave "He was declared "Missing In Action" when the Langley was attacked by nine Aichi D3A1 "Val" dive bombers of the Japanese 21st and 23rd Naval Air Flotillas south of Tjilatjap during the war. He was awarded a Purple Heart". Any information anyone else has would be great, would be amazing to find a photo of him too someday. 


Please Note Also:  I am looking for a specific trade for this, but please only reply to the want ad so as to follow group rules ! :) 




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