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Plumb St. Louis Bolo Reproduction (Alert)


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Hello Gentlemen, and Ladies:


I recently bought a Plumb Phila. 1917 model bolo (1st photo is my bolo) from a local online listing for a pretty reasonable price. It's the real thing.



However, a site that was brought to my attention on a Plumb St. Louis bolo REPRODUCTION bolos with no obvious signs of them being reproductions are being sold and thought I'd mention it to you guys as a heads up, just in case no one on here is aware. Four photos below are from the site: https://www.atlantacutlery.com/us-model-1917-bolo-knife-w-scabbard


They're pretty good reproductions by Atlanta Cutlery. They must of bought the name and the site and sales is on the up and up but it can easily throw someone off who is not aware of these reproductions and comes across one somewhere else being sold as the real deal.


The subtle differences that I saw:


1) The sheath doesn't look authentic but is apparently stamped 1918 and is likely missing the rawhide covered wood insert but not 100% sure.

2) It has two spanner nuts on the wood handle covers.

3) The wood covers are not as ribbed as the original and doesn't look aged

4) The "ST. LOUIS" stamp is missing the period and there's no space between "STLOUIS" as with the original.


There could be other things that I missed. I hope this helps and that it's not a legal issue. I figured it's better to post it on here and let Skiph decide if this is okay or remove this topic entirely. Thanks - Felix


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