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Display at the 2021 UDT/SEAL reunion in Chula Vista.


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I did a static Vietnam era UDT/SEAL display at this years UDT/SEAL reunion. There was no reunion last year and this years reunion was noticeably smaller but I got to catch up with some friends I hadn't seen in awhile and also made some new contacts, one of which was very surprising.



UDT-SEAL reunion 1.jpg

UDT-SEAL reunion 2.jpg

UDT-SEAL reunion 3.jpg

UDT-SEAL reunion 4.jpg

UDT-SEAL reunion 5.jpg

UDT-SEAL reunion 6.jpg

UDT-SEAL reunion 7.jpg

UDT-SEAL reunion 8.jpg

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Great display, nice job.  Pictures get a little blurry when zooming in.  Is that a Seawolf in your case?

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