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USN flight surgeon uniform with WWII and Hindenburg history


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I hope you all will be able to help some with tracking down this officer's history. Here is what I know. Captain Austin Jacob Walter was born in Ohio County WV in 1905 and died in Sautee, GA in 1981. Earliest military service I can find was when he was a US Navy lieutenant (jg) in 1933 when he was temporarily assigned to CCC company 178. I got at auction his uniforms (or at least two of them) plus copies of a few pictures and a letter. The letter was written by Captain Walter and talks about his getting back from China and being assigned to the US Naval Hospital in Philadelphia and he was given temporary additional duty to go to Lakehurst and treat the survivors of the Hindenburg disaster. He evidently had a photo of Hindenburg at that time and got the survivors to sign it. I'm not sorry that the family decided to keep the originals. I'm glad they appreciate their history. I contacted the auctioneer before the auction ended to see if the family would be willing to share copies of anything else they might have. I'm hopeful he wrote down other tidbits about his service like the Hindenburg letter/photo. I don't know any of his service history after 1937. His ribbons on his green aviator uniform show one campaign in the European, African, Middle Eastern theater and 10(!) campaigns in the Pacific. At least we know two of those campaigns were in the Philippines but I sure would like to know more. He also evidently stayed in the service and served in the Korean War. All of the uniform pieces are named. Most have some condition issues. Some of the damage at least was while in the service. Hope you enjoy. I'll be glad to provide other pictures. I don't think I have ever seen another Flight Surgeon uniform though the wings can be found readily enough. I couldn't pass it up once I found out the Hindenburg history. 



















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