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615th Tactical Fighter Squadron COL H. C. Gordon, USAF Presentation Lighter

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Japanese-made "Super Ace" presented to COL Henry C. "Hank" Gordon, USAF (1925-1996) at Phan Rang AB, RVN.. In 1960 COL Gordon was one of seven secretly selected X-20 "Dyna-Soar" astronauts. VSH indeed !!!

615th Tac Fighter Sqdn COL H.C. (Hank) Gordon, USAF Phan Rang AB, RVN 1971  .JPG

615th Tac Fighter Sqdn Presentation to COL H.C. (Hank) Gordon Phan Rang AB , RVN 1971 .JPG

615th Tac Ftr Sqdn COL Henry C. (Hank) Gordon, USAF (1925-1996) One of the 7 secretly chosen X-20 Dyna-Soar astronauts 1960  .jpg

615th Tac Ftr Sqdn F-100D Phan Rang AB, RVN  (6).jpg

615th Tac Fighter Sqdn -X-20 Dyna-Soar (2).jpg

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CF, Glad you appreciate the history as much as I do. The X-20 "Dyna-Soar" never flew, was cancelled in 1963. One of the other seven X-20 astronauts was a guy named Neil Armstrong. I wonder what ever happened to him?  YK57

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