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Color evolution of B10/ B15/ MA1 jackets


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Dear people at the U.S. Militaria forum,


I am trying to find out details about the color evolution of B10/ B15/ and MA1 type of flight jackets.



I know about the change from OD color to blue and then the silver gray sage color.


But you see many shades of green on older jackets.


I mean other shades than the later sage green.


It also depents who made the jackets of course and being an official issued jacket.


It will probably all vary because of that.


I know that nylon jackets change in appearance due to the sunlight influence.


I have seen them after years of use in brownish shades.


A blue MA1 jacket used for many years in the streets in the Netherlands turned once purple because of the sunlight.


I just wonder about these facts.


Maybe you guys at the forum can explain a few things within this context to us.




Best regards,


Willem van Gilst jr. in the Netherlands



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I think for the most part different companies used different dyes/ dye lots of materials, and with the war going on, green was green.  You will also see ones that were washed (laundered) a lot and that can give a faded appearance. Exposure to the sun and other harsh climates (salt water) can also have an effect.

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The MA1 jackets had many different variations. The B10, B-15s, and other AAF cloth jackets I have and have seen are all pretty much all the same shade of green with variations of fading but not really a variation in the base color. The later green nylon B-15 or the blue C models are the main changes. IMO. even those were fairly standardized when it comes to looking at one for sale. In other words, I haven't seen too many variant colors.

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Thank you for all the information, Mr.Jerry, dmar836.



It sure helps to understand the matter.


On Ebay and other websites you sometimes see jackets in a green shade that are not the typical sage color.


This type of green color is more like spring time.


It is more of a sunny type of green.


Cuffs and waistband are of a darker green or sometimes grey.


Do you know in which era these were created?


I have seen them both in B15 and MA1 style.


Sometimes as a replica jacket.


Do you know if these were once issued?




Best regards, WvGjr.

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I will show some jacket pictures here, Dave.


On Ebay is a guy who sells vintage issued jackets.

As a seller he is called G.I. jackets.

They all have the same sage color, but they come from different periods.

He has them from the fifties, the sixties, the seventies and so on.

Different manufacturers created them.

This sage color is similar to the later CWU clothing.

Here I have a picture of a Skyline jacket from the fifties  Mil-J-8279   in this classic sage color shade.


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However, he had a MA-1 for sale in this color.

It is another type of green.

The lining by the way is the same sage color as in the other vintage jackets.

I wonder why this is.

It is a Rolen jacket   Mil-J-8279A   also from the fifties.

Cuffs and waistband are grey.

This is an example of one of my questions within this matter.




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I see what you mean.

There are some experts on this forum but the Vintage Leather Jacket Forum(VLJ) is where extensive discussions about such things really used to dominate.

That forum has changed a lot and newer, younger experts and those looking for repros and fashion reviews really moved in. Still, there will be a lot of info in older posts there.

I really hope some of the "old guard" is still there and can help.

Hesitate to divert you but check that forum out.

Hopefully others will chime in on this.


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Thank you for your reply, Dave.



I think I have visited that leather jacket forum before a few times.


I 'll do my best to find some information there.


I have more questions about the US Military.


It mostly has to do with the harbor of Rotterdam in the Netherlands and the work my dad used to do there.


And of course the Second World War in Europe in general.


Many people in our country still have difficult emotions with this past history up to this day.


My dad has been doing several jobs for the US in our harbor (Port of Rotterdam), but this was after the war.


As a child he saw the Germans bombing the city of Rotterdam.


I will post the other questions I have on the appropriate channels of this forum.



Best regards,


Willem van Gilst jr.





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