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Colonel Paul Raftery USA Ordnance Corps


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Colonel Paul Raftery served in the CBI and France. These are his awards and decorations as well as his Colt M1908 380 (1945) normally a general officer's pistol, Colonel Raftery was issued this pistol because of his leadership role in Ordnance. This group was obtained directly from the family. You can't get a better find than that!


Awards Frame.JPG

Chinese Order of the Resplendant Banner 7th class Class a.JPG

Chineese Order of the Resplendent Banner 7th Class b.JPG

Army Commendation Medal named.JPG

Belguim Medal named a.JPG

Belgium Medal named b .JPG

French Medal a.JPG

French Medal b.JPG

Chest Badge b.JPG

Chest Badge d .JPG

Col Raftery Polish Guard Certificate.JPG



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Beautiful grouping. Any idea what the two French medals at the bottom were for? The cross is from a French retired Sub Officer (NCO?) organization. Also interesting that his ribbon bar bears the ribbon for the Cloud and Banner 7th class but the medal is for the Cloud and Banner 4th class.



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This is how I received the group from the son. The round medal I am thinking was from Belgium. My research on the bottom medal had it as a French medal. As for the Chinese medal my guess was the ribbon was the only one available. Most foreign medals on US ribbon bars are a hit or miss, once awarded there doesn't seem that a good supply is ever available. This is my take on it.

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Correction to previous post. The round medal appears to be a town medal from Angouleme France, not a Belgium medal as previously reported.

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