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Korean or Vietnam era Brass metal Chevrons Screw Back


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Hi Team


I have read the posts on Korean era large brass chevrons.


I am a bit confused as it mentions screwbacked Korean war and also pin backs were later Vietnam war. However the late Sarge HH Booker showed Korean war ranks but did not show the backs.


I know the specialist ranks were introduced c 1955 and 1958 (restructure)and Buck Sgt Rank (no rocker)reinstated c 1958.


Would the below been issued  post Korea c 1953 thru to the 60's? During this time would thye have been used for helmet liners and pile caps?













20210913_114158 (1)_338x600.jpg

20210913_114232 (1)_345x600.jpg







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Nice assortment, these will be U.S. made, and those Sergeant E-5 Three Chevrons and Specialist Ranks will be made like you said, after 1958. The Screw backs were so they could be worn on the front of the helmet liners, screw post was to be inserted through the front grommet of the liner, the WWII/Korea era liners, with the 1955 liner, which had no grommet no longer it was just punched through, ditto for the 1964 liners if they used these on that new liner. It was also punched through the fabric of caps of different types.


Some of these enameled metal types were made real small in the 60s, these to be worn on soft caps, and would be Clutch back.


The one with the Clutch Pin, the Master Sergeant, is it a large size?

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Here's the main topic on these U.S. made ones, you'll see the various size ones and how they could be worn.




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Thanks for finding patches, much appreciated.


Puts this type of metal chevron in the Time Frame  circa 1954 to mid 60's 


For referance  WxH inches

Pvt E-2 1.8"x1.4"

SGT E-5 2.4"x1.8"

MSG E-8 1.2"x2.2"

Specialist chevron 1.2"x2.4"



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