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Post photos of your Military Police liners and steel pots


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No sure on this one???  I don't think we were still using the Provost Guard designation in the 1940s???

It could be Prison Guard?  Any ideas?

Provost Guard (I).JPG

Provost Guard (II).JPG

Provost Guard (III).JPG

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I have a few more liners, but I haven't photographed them.  If I can find the time, I'll photograph them

and get them posted.  I hope to see some more neat MP headgear posted.

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Burning Hazard

Sweet collection MP25.


Here is my WWII MP painted M1 Liner ID'd to Glenn G. Gubser (ASN 37816447) who served with Prisoner of War Guard Detachment Separation Center Unit 1747.



Liner 1.jpg

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