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USS San Francisco Shipboard Marine Uniform


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Hello all,

I recently purchased a shipboard Marine uniform for a fellow forum member. It is named to a Marine who served on the USS San Francisco in the later years of the war. Apparently he received some sort of leg injury at sea. One day I’ll get his records and hope to find out more. 
I’m always looking for USS San Francisco items so I was excited to get this.











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Wonderful uniform! 

I checked the casualty cards, and don’t see anything for him in there. I wonder what caused the injury.


Thanks for sharing! 

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I believe the article is wrong. The only ship I see him on in the Muster Rolls is the USS San Francisco. 
the newspapers are often wrong on these. Coincidentally I have an article about a Gunners Mate on the USS San Francisco who was awarded a Navy Cross. The newspaper states he was awarded a “DSC”

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