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Us wool Flag 48 stars, research help needed please


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 have recently found this flag in a flea market here in Italy.

Can anyone help me understand more about it? I am quite new to this type of collecting

It has 48 stars, is made of wool and is double-faced. At least two printed writings can be seen on the edge of the flag but they are illegible ...

The stars are sewn, not printed.

The flag measures 28 x 47 inches ca. (70 x 120 cm approx.).

Livorno, the place where I found it, 

Thanks for your invaluable help.






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48 Star Flags were official from 1912 until 1959. It looks like it's from the 40's or 50's, it's hard to tell. The design and size remained the same for a long time. It is not a military flag but could have been brought overseas by a US soldier. 

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Could have been from the Livorno American High School or Elementary School? We had this exact non-military flag in every classroom at my American High School in West Germany. 

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No, I have no information as to the manufacturer. I do remember that the old 48 star flags were in our classrooms in West Germany in the late '60s to early '70s. I guess they had no funds for the 49 and 50 star flags and just kept the old 48s around thinking no one would notice?

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