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2nd Assistant B.A.R. 1918


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Thank you! 

Difficult subject. Because there are different points of view on the equipment of the BAR Assistants. In "American munitions 1917/1919" page 229 read: "the 1st & 2nd Assistants had their own individual belts" while the belt is well marked "2nd Assist". For me the 2nd Assistant wore the special belt (for the regulations) but its very likely that the reality was different. 


Best regards



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US Victory Museum

Great display!   I love these type of displays that show a soldier fully equipped as he would have been in

the field.  It places all his accouterments in context of where and how items would be carried.


What really caught my eye is that your mannequin is displayed with one of those unlined overcoats with

the Mackinaw style shawl collars that do not conform to any military specifications for any of the four US

winter overcoats.  I have one in my own collection, by the way.


Once upon a time, WWI Nerd (where is he?) and I were trying to hash out its origins, but could not come to

any provable conclusion. 


Your friend and fellow collector,



File photo (not of mine)


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Hello Mike

Thank you for your message. Indeed it's an Overcoats / Mackinaw. There's no interior lining and no label. For me this Overcoat is more interesting than the usual ones from 1917 or 1918. It's a pity that there is not (to date) a Specification in the QMC for understand where it comes from!


Best regard 


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