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Black Stripe on Helmet question


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What does a black stripe on the front of a WW2 US Helmet signify?  It looks like a Lt Bar, but in black paint?  It is directly from a vets family.  He was in the Army in the pacific  theater.  The helmet is a fixed bail, I believe McCord..

thank you

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Its a Lieutenants bar for an officer who was using the old melon.

Subdued so harder for a sniper to pick out.

Could be a 1st or 2nd luey.... ???

My guess. Pictures ?

Name and numbers inside for officer..?  number should should start with an O.

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I only have a couple.  It appears to have a early unpainted A washer liner with folded nape area.  Double wire sweatband, and Rayon nape strap. Helmet has steel pointed J hook .  Helmet has a brushed field repaint.





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