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Remains of USMC Camo Cover. Period?

Mr. Scratch

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Picked up a helmet shell yesterday, M1 front seam, swivel bail. Exterior is in good shape, but the interior has some corrosion. It appears it sat upside-down in a shed or something, as a general tool/bolt catch-all receptacle for several decades. It had a third-hand story attached, but who knows. Buy the item, and all that.

The tongues of this Marine camo cover were stuck to the inside rim. I would have liked to have left it, but the interior was so nasty I had to clean it out. Can y'all give me a time period on this?



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24 minutes ago, ArchangelDM said:

WW2 period USMC cover 

That would be consistent with what I was told, that this was battlefield recovered some years after the war. 

Here are some helmet pics.





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It was full of decades of filth. 

Picture the rusty coffee-can full of oily, grimy nuts and bolts in your grandfather's tool-shed, with a generous helping of dust and spider webs. The inside of that can after you'd dumped out the bolts. 

Yeah. It wasn't a choice I'd typically take.

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5 hours ago, gap said:

In first pic, looks to me like USMC forest green paint under rust, but could be lighting. 

I would agree with that 

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