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Display Cabinet, Show and Ideas


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Hey all,


Hope this message finds you all safe and sound! 

Currently I am in the progress of making ideas of a self build display cabinet. So before I start, I was hoping to see some of yours. To get some ideas.


Furthermore besides my main interest the 26th Infantry Division during WWII. I also gained an interest in the Army Nurse Corps and KIA/WIA Purple Heart medal groups. Which includes Navy, Marine Corps, Army Airforce and Army.

Within this new display cabinet I'll be making I had the following ideas per branch to add something.


- Army Nurse Corps, anything related to them. Paperwork, photographs, dogtags, caps etc. Preferably all identified.


- Army, M1 helmet, edged weapons, fire arms, unit patches, insignia, photographs, personal gear, caps, captured German bring backs with provenance i.e. signed?


- Navy, M1 helmet, photographs, insignia, letters, personal gear, caps, captured Japanese bring backs with provenance i.e. signed?


- Marine Corps, same as with the Navy?


- Army Airforce, about the same as the rest but more with flight gear related?


Would love to hear your ideas per branch and if you have a display on your own. Feel free to show it.


Thanks for looking and the opinions!



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