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What is this thing? Found with 24th Sep. Co. back pack

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I just acquired a back pack marked 24th Sep. Co. (NY inside) and a haversack. But this was with them. I have no idea what it is, or if it has anything to do with the Civil War. Can anyone give me some input on this? Thanks so much.





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I can honestly say I have never seen anything remotely like it. If it's military,  someone on this forum will know what it is.

Good luck with the ID. 


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The metal tube, just above the fluted wood base, is 3" in diameter. I didn't know if it was a container for a shell, or someting like that? But I can't imagine what the wood end would be for. It's just odd. But someone obviously kept the three items together deliberately. Weird!

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yes,a fired 3 in.canister projectile.i'd say 1890's period,i'll look in my books for the nomenclature....................dave

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I found an image online of a Confederate 12lb cannister shot. It looks similar to this including the exterior color. I am having trouble downloading the image, but I think you guys are right about the cannister shot case. I hope we can get a positive ID and date range! Thanks for all the help so far.

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Found this one online, looks extremely similar.  

From the description:


SOLD! for $576.00.

(Note: Prices realized include a buyer's premium.)

If you have items like this you wish to consign, click here for more information:


Low Estimate: $300.00

High Estimate: $350.00

Realized: $576.00

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U.S. Civil War Canister Round or Oval Grape Projector for 3-inch ordnance rifles, this example likely used for the Parrott rifle. Intact with the exception of the powder bag which would have been on the back of the sabot. 8 1/2" L. Approx. 10 pounds. 3rd quarter 19th century. Provenance: Private Florida collection. CONDITION: Powder bag not present. General wear consistent with age.



Might be different though.


Edit: Looking back, yours might be bigger.


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