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Help with US Navy ship - Lawton


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Hi, All! Need some help with this odd question. I was just adding some info to a Find A Grave memorial, and going through the Navy Registers and getting the info on this Machinist. In 1905 and 06, he is stationed on the "Lawton". I tried looking it up online, but all I got was Godzilla myths. Anyone able to help me with the real story of what the Lawton was? 


Thanks in advance!




Here is the info I was compiling:


Died of Lobar Pneumonia at the US Naval Hospital in Brooklyn, NY.

Residence: 197 Madison Ave., New York.

Originally interred at Cypress Hills National Cemetery, NY.
Removed to Arlington, 11 Nov 1920.

US Navy Registers:

1901 - Appointed Warrant Machinist
1904 - Warrant Machinist / Cruiser USS Buffalo
1905 - Warrant Machinist / USS Lawton, 10 Dec 1903 (Signal: 4171)
1906 - Warrant Machinist / USS Lawton (Signal: 4169)
1909 - Warrant Machinist (Signal: FNCV)
1910 - Chief Machinist / Naval Station, Charleston, SC
1911 - Chief Machinist / USS Iowa
1912 - Chief Machinist, Ret, Abroad, Mass Nautical Training School, Boston, Mass.
1913 - Ret.

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