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Civil War Pocket Trumpet Opinion


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Interesting. First off, it is a cornet and not a trumpet and one of the smallest I have seen. I believe the Hardee hat eagle insignia is not original to this piece and has been added sometime later to suggest that this was a Civil War period piece. I think the instrument itself might be legit. Just about all trumpets, flugel horns and cornets of the Civil War period are rotary valve instruments, which in a very basic sense involved strings to actuate the valves and the valves appear a lot like what you see on French horns today. Most were played flat or sideways. I have a copy of "A Pictorial History of Civil War musical instruments and Military Bands" by Robert Garofalo and Mark Elrod. I cannot find any Civil War period cornets resembling this one in the photos depicted or examples displayed. There is however an original photograph dated 1889 of a Military band where one member is holding a cornet quite similar to this one. It might be a tad larger in the photo it is hard to tell. 


So in a nutshell, not CW period, but the instrument might be military related, 1880's or later. Are there any manufacturer marks? If so, they are likely under the insignia.  I still think its cool, but I would personally take that insignia off there. I am a trumpet player though so find value in the instrument itself. Just my opinion. Best, Kevin

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