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10th Indiana and 46th Indiana Grouping


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A very special grouping straight from the family of two Indiana soldiers.


The first Soldier, Charles Reed of the 10th Indiana Infantry enlisted in Co. D of the 10th Indiana Infantry. Charles and the 10th saw heavy action at Mill Springs, KY and was also engaged at Perryville in October of 1862. Perhaps there hottest engagement was at Chickamauga. The 10th’s Colonel Carroll was mortally wounded. The Army of the Cumberland retreated back to Chattanooga, and here is where Charles’ story comes to an end. After surviving the ferocity of Chickamauga, while on skirmish duty, Charles was killed on the picket line. An inscription inside the case lists his date of birth of March 23, 1842, and his death on Sept. 26th, 1863. He is buried in Chattanooga National Cemetery in plot 12402. Included in the grouping is a copy shot of a pre-War image of Charles as well. His wartime image shows him wearing a fatigue blouse and dress hat with crossed arms. Also my with the two images, there is a piece of paper from a family bible that details his death outside Chattanooga, and his age of at the time of his death; 21 years, 6 months, and 3 days.


The next Soldier, Thomas White, enlisted into Co. A of the 46th Indiana Infantry in Nov. 1861. He saw minor action with the 46th before being transferred to the 13th Corps’ Pioneer Corps in April of 1863. Thomas finished his enlistment with the Pioneers and mustered out in Dec. 1864. A discharge places his age at 22 years old when discharged. White was active in his post-War days, attending numerous 46th reunions. He’s also purchased a G.A.R. shield badge. A silver spoon with his initials, and two post-War images show a much different man than had entered service.




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M24 Chaffee

Very nice additions to your collection. Thanks for putting these up. I enjoyed seeing this. 


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