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1st Army aero Sgt j. A Lee DSC winner


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Found locally, I’d to J. A Lee who was awarded DSC with 107 infantry 27th div.

not sure of first ribbon but the patch is exquisite. How he found his way to the air corps is a mystery.






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That is a great looking uniform, thank you for sharing! Not sure if you've come across this photo yet:


"American Private James A. Lee DSC (from New York) of D Company, 107th Infantry, 27th Division, AEF showing off war trophies - Mauser pistol, binoculars, Iron Cross award, and Pickelhaube helmet - taken from Germans during the attack against the Hindenburg Line near Amiens in October 1918.

(also on his belt is a British Insignia Crown and an Australian "Rising Sun" and shoulder title)"


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It was a silver citation star worn on the medal until 1932.  The majority of the 27th division came home in early March.  3 overseas stripes also doesn't jive with his service (only warranted one basis the service card).  If you're certain on it being the 27th div fellow should try and pull his records when Nara opens again. 

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