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WW1 WWI Tank Collar Disks and Insignia Grouping, Opinions?

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Hello All,


These came with a 1st Lt. tanker uniform as a grouping, but, not sure if they are related to the actual owner of the tunic.  (I'll be posting the tunic in the near future.)  I am curious to hear any opinions on their originality.  Thank you!





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Obverses (photos are provided with a mix of flash photography and natural lighting to offer some contrasts):



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   IMO, all the pieces you show are original.  Odd that a 1st Lt. would have all that insignia, but maybe he was promoted up.

The two circle pieces are 2nd pattern enlisted.  I have them both in the black and copper color too. Then you have a first pattern and second

pattern officer pieces.  You would normally expect to find pairs together - like a second set that he had.  Please post the uniform when you have

a chance. I look forward to seeing it.






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