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Spanish cold war helmet collection


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Here is my Spanish M65s collection.


1st image: Type A M65s used by the Marines. left has writing. Right has US liner.


2nd image: Type B helmets used by the airborne.

Left is MP. Right is 3rd company with writing.


3rd image: WW2 M1s reissued to Spain during the 50s before the adoption of the M65 used by the airborne.

Left is 1st company, 3rd company, 5th company and command and staff. Right is logistics with Westinghouse liner.







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Burning Hazard

Here are some Spanish M1 helmets from my local surplus shop in Canada - there was a whole mix of WWII fixes bails, WWII front seams swivel bails, and some rear seams. 





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But yes the US was a huge exporter for Spain atleast for the M65 same with Germany. Before the M65 had been manufactured in the 50s the Spanish used reissued M1s from WW2 and I think Korea.

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Nice collection! 

I wonder if years down the line historians will wonder why a helmet that appears to have captains bars has a horizontal stripe on the back.



Those are some awesome pictures pat, you have more control then I do to leave them behind.




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Spanish ranks are different from US ranks so the stripe just means private and the two bars isn't captain if I'm correct but thanks!


These aren't very well known helmets I think the only seller is numrich in the states and such.

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