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USMC Sword?


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Good Evening,


I hope everyones day went well. I picked up this grouping from Master Sergeant William J. Zalewski and wanted to know more about the sword. I have no idea what era its from. Based on MSG Zalewski’s service record:


enlisted in 1933

WIA - Iwo Jima

China (Tientsin 45-47)

Vietnam - 1966 to 1967

Died - Dec 4 67 from a heart attack 


The sword is probably from before 67 but Id like a second opinion. Thanks again for your time. 





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USMC EM NCO Sword, 30 in length. Usually unit supplied but can be private purchase. Swords come in 26,28,30,32 and 34 in. Length as to line up to the ear during formation ensuring universal proper look. All units have about 50 or so on hand for various functions. Would put it Vietnam era at the end of his career

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