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USMC 2-Cell Grenade Pouch/Carrier Addendum


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Was looking at some older threads regarding the title topic and this one seemed to be the most extensive one:


Wanted to post additional photos from some recent observations, but realized the above ink was in the history file,  thus could not attach them to it. So, decided to start a new thread and add the pics here. The first two photos show a "U.S.M.C." branded, 2-pocket pouch as discussed in the initial link posting (#1). The third photo is another example but in khaki web. It has the brass M1910 belt hook.  I noted the "period" after the "U" is weak on both examples.  The last two photos are interesting as it appears to be earlier production like photo #3 with primarily tan webbing and having a non-blackened, brass, M1910 belt hook. I thought the darkened area on the left side of the top pouch flap was a stain. However, one can see it appears to be a ink stamp marking with contract or inventory numbers visible (particularly the last four digits).

USMC GrenPch Att2.jpg

USMC GrenPch Att.jpg

USMC GrenPch Att3.jpg

USMC GrenPch Cont Nr1.jpg

USMC GrenPch Cont Nr2.jpg

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