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WW2 USN aircraft antenna mast


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Very nice! The Navy contract ran from June - September 1944.

The Internet tells us this:

"The AN-104 is designed for 100 to 156 MHz, and also contains an anchoring hole for an HF wire antenna support.  It thus serves as the VHF antenna and the forward support for an HF antenna. the AN-104-series is the most common US VHF aircraft mast of WWII, and can be seen behind the cockpit of many allied fighters and mid spine on multi engine aircraft, with an antenna wire connect from the top of mast to the top of the tail.  According to VHF AN/ARC-5 and SCR-522 manuals, the AN-104-A was used by US Army Air Forces, and the AN-104-AX was used by US Navy."

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