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Check out his patch WW2 82nd Airborne EM Ike 508th PIR strange serial #


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Picked this out of the flea market today from a seller who came in late and the sharks were gone.


He picket it up in the 90s at the Salvation Army.


The Sterling wings are holding the oval in place.


Both interior pockets have an unusual serial number stamped in and the name Bob is written in the pants.


Let me know what you think.







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58 minutes ago, Allan H. said:

It looks like the oval is pinned on backwards?



Yes it is pinned on backwards.


Ever see an 82nd patch done like that?

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When I first saw it I thought i had reached Nirvana but then my heart soared like a hawk.


What do you make of that number stamped in the pockets?



37 minutes ago, Allan H. said:

I've NEVER seen an 82nd patch done like that. It is pretty wild.




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31 minutes ago, doyler said:

Nice uniform


running  761333 through the enlisted serial number site There were no matches. 


May not be a serial number?




Its either a shortened serial number or something completely different.


 Thank you for checking on it.

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25 minutes ago, Legion72 said:

Interesting he is still a Buck Pvt.   Being in the 82nd in mid 60's the ovals were always pinned on, not sewn.  Nice Ike.

He got in as a late replacement ( 2 bars 2 stars) and didn’t earn them or he never sewed them on?

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The numbers are stamped on the inside of the inside pockets, one on each side.


Ive never seen these numbers before, shouldn’t they be common?

36 minutes ago, atb said:

Not serial numbers. Cutters numbers from the manufacturing process. Like the paper tags.


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Is the Distinctive Unit Citation missing oak leaves?


What is the manufacture date on the tag?


Lastly, I’ve found ASN info sometimes written in the armpit….


Cool patch.  I like it.  

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No sign of oak leaves.


Here is a picture of the pocket inside out with two 1944 dates and the strange number stamp.


By the way here is the back of the patch showing that the design was added after the patch was sewn on and the exact same thread was used to secure the back 2  buckles, pictures included.


And for clarification this jacket was found in a pawn shop  in the gateway of the thumb of Michigan back in the late 90s.


Thanks to all for commenting and sending PMs.









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