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Flight nurse uniform


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Hello everyone,

I recently acquired this beautiful jacket and this beautiful calot k-1 Flight Nurse.

To finish my uniform, I miss the pants.

Do you know where I can find one? Would anyone have one to sell by chance?


Thank you in advance for your help.


Best regards,




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US Victory Museum



You have a very beautiful K-1 Jacket.  I cannot tell whether it is the angle at which
your photograph was taken, or whether your jacket was laundered to such an extent that
the Army Air Corps insignia ink stamp on the left shoulder has faded.  Regardless, it
is an uncommon artifact in most collections.  Unfortunately, if I may characterize the
jacket as uncommon, then I'd have to call the trousers 'rare'.  Over the past decade I
have seen a couple of complete uniforms sell on Ebay, but I've never noticed a set of
trousers sell by themselves (and I've been actively looking.)


I have one complete uniform, and three additional jackets with caps.  Like you, I'd be
thrilled to find a set of trousers for sale, and based on the 11 jackets I've seen sold
over the years on Ebay, so would a number of other people.  


As a collection "filler", or for re-enacting if you wish to wear your uniform, you could
source a set of slacks, cotton khaki, women's to pair with the jacket.  It is similar
enough in both material and color to use as a collection "filler" until the correct item
may be acquired.


Welcome to the forum, you've started with a great first post; I hope to see more from
your collection.

USMF Justine62 posted some photos of her beautiful K-1 Uniform at the below link.
The next link is a post I made regarding the first & second pattern pins, as well
as a personal purchase pin from my collection.




USMF SteveD has a nice collection of flight nurse uniforms and accouterments:



Your photo re-oriented attached.



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Thank you very much for your answer.


Thanks a lot, indeed I'm new to the forum and not sure how it works but would love to post new stuff.


Yes indeed, the USAAF stamp is almost erased but it is still visible. The pants look very rare to me and I still hope to be able to find one one day.


You must have a nice collection too! I am also looking for the same model but in OD color called L-1, is it also hard to find?


Thank you very much for the shared links and for returning my photo!

I hope to have the pleasure of reading you again.

Thank you for your kindness and see you very soon.




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US Victory Museum

Hello Céline.


"The pants look very rare to me and I still hope to
be able to find one one day."


Be patient, everything is always a matter of time.


"You must have a nice collection too!  I am also looking
for the same model but in OD color called L-1, is it
also hard to find?"


It, too, is going to be a challenge.  The last time I
observed L-1 uniform parts for sale on Ebay was in 2015.  
Two jackets and two trousers.  One was a complete
uniform that the seller split into two separate auctions.
I wasn't happy with the condition for the prices and chose
not to bid.


I did, however, pay stupid money ($328.00) for the Cap,
Flying Nurses, Light TYPE L-1
the same year.  This is the
only one I've ever observed for sale on Ebay. The condition
is pristine.  I'll track down the other parts of the uniform


Anything flight nurse related is going to be a challenge
to find due to scarcity.  Flight nurses were a very small
number of women relative to the size of the A.N.C. (Army
Nursing Corps) which was a small number relative to the
number of women in the other branches of service.


Do not let anything I've said discourage you.  The thrill
of collecting is in the chase.  The longer the chase, the
sweeter the reward.



For historical research on Flight Nurses:


Your friend and fellow collector,


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