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81st Co 6th MGBN? Purple Heart


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Came across this Purple Heart medal with name of Carl Beckman.   Inscription on reverse seems questionable.   Any thoughts?



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Does the medal have a small number on the lower edge, and if so, what is it?  What does the name look like to you?  Also, is the USMC good conduct medal next to it related to the purple heart?  Is there a name or number on it?  The engraving look a little vibro engraved to me.


Semper Fi,

Bruce Linz

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Carl Beckman is definitely the name on medal.  The letter “C” is not as clear as other letters. Edge Number on Purple Heart  is 11438.  The Gd Conduct #62574 comes with it and is not named.   Yes, the letters have evidence of vibration movement. 

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Name:  Carl Beckman

Service:  United States Marine Corps

SSN:  071-14-8023 (New York)

Service Number:  76323

Rank:  Corporal

DOB:  23 February 1898

DOD:  26 November 1965 in Binghamton, Broome County, New York, USA

Enlisted:  20 September 1916

Discharged:  19 September 1920

Issued Good Conduct Medal No. 11698 .  It would named on the reverse.

Married: 28 May 1923

Wife:  Ethelynne Lois (Johnson) Beckman

Daughter: Fanny A. (Beckman) Holbert


I searched the USMC muster rolls and do not see Beckman being wounded.


Your USMC good conduct #62574 was most likely issued to a Marine who enlisted in October 1918.  That number is not in the traceable data base.


Here is another Carl Beckman.  I think this is your man.


Name:  Carl Beckman

Service: United States Army

Departure Date:  10 Mar 1919

Departure Place:  St Nazaire, France

Arrival Date:  22 Mar 1919

Arrival Place:  Newport News, Virginia

Residence Place:  El Paso, Texas

Next of Kin:  None Given


Military Unit: Company A ,141 INF

Rank:  Mechanic

Service Number:  1486846

GSW Penet Wrist RT


The only way you will know with any certainty who was awarded that Purple Heart is to get a researcher to go to St. Louis and get you the award card.


Good Luck


Semper Fi,


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