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Keith Cooper, 73, USMC Vietnam, 2 combat tours. Murdered in Chicago.


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268th C.A.

Its a sad world today. When we grew up it was there. I and my family have been through it more than once. Two nephew's murdered. One unsolved. Everyday its nothing anymore. A human life life becomes cheap. Kids today are so desensitized with video games and movies, we know what's being taught in schools today. Rewriting history. Indoctrinating kids, No religion, no pledge of allegiance to the flag. People need to wake up quick. Gang violence, defunding police. I can go on and on. But most of can see it, the silent majority. 

Yes its sad this veteran was a senseless murder. Countless everyday. This is WW3 everyday on the streets of or cities.   

Most of us never thought we would see this in our life times. God Bless his soul, Rest in Peace, as the family grieves. 😒

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this Marine was a product of another senseless killing.

i feel it will take an act of God to put earth back on track

my heart goes out to the family, friends, Marine Corps,  and all who reads and understand that  we lost Marine Keith Cooper that day.


Rest in peace Marine

semper fi

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