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Seeking Pre-War Dated V Amphibious Corps Sgt. Forest Green Jacket Belonging to Sgt. B.K. Behncke


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This is my first post, but a meaningful one. In May 2012 CorpsmanCollector posted a wonderful series of photos in a thread on my great-great uncle B.K.'s pre-war Marine Corps jacket from WWII here. Our family is not sure how B.K.'s jacket entered the open market and do not fault CorpsmanCollector who took great care and showed tremendous appreciation for the jacket. We were however surprised and dismayed discovering it on the internet after B.K. passed in October 2012. B.K. was the last surviving WWII veteran from ultimately a six-blue star family that served from Operation Torch in North Africa to the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay. B.K. and I would later share a bond many years later as combat veterans and although he discussed little about the war, he opened up about some of his experiences, specifically at Tarawa before and between my deployments.


CorpsmanCollector recently reported unfortunately that the jacket was sold a number of years ago. I am reaching out to the US Military Forum to help find B.K.'s jacket wherever it may be and return it home. It was likely the jacket B.K. was married in and will join his compass from Tarawa for safekeeping with future generations of his family. Although they didn't get a chance to know him, they will have a tangible reminder of B.K., his brothers and nephew and the generation who fought to victory in WWII. I know this is a tall order but any assistance is appreciated.


The jacket is marked "B K Behncke" and dated 1940-41. It last carried a V Amphibious Corps patch in felt, sergeant's stripes, one service stripe on each arm and an honorable service lozenge.





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