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Flight / Bomber jacket- ID


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Just picked this one at the flea market today, looked interesting.  I have little to no knowledge in this area, so I thought I'd run it by the forum.  It is a leather flight jacket with fur collar.  No makers labels at all.  Slit pockets, pocket inside looks like a white cotton or linen?  Leather reinforced armpits.  Talon zipper, marked on both sides of the pull, and on zipper stop/base,  USA marked on rear of zipper base.  It has some honest age to it, and in great condition.  No size markings, I'm guessing 36 or 38?  It is similar size to an Ike jacket I had that was 38.


Is it military or civilian? And what era? 


Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!







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Clearly civi and likely 50s-60s. The zipper might be 50s but IMO the jacket was made later than that.

I'm no authority but the Vintage Leather Jacket forum might be a better place for more info.


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