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75th Anniversary Anping Incident


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This month will be the 75th Anniversary of the Anping Incident. The Anping Incident was a Chinese Communist ambush that took place near Anping, China in July of 1946. Marines of B Battery, 11th Marine Regiment and the 5th Marine Regiment were attacked during a motor patrol. There were numerous Marine casualties during the battle which lasted for hours. It was the biggest battle between US and Chinese Communist forces after WWII up to that point.


These medals were awarded to S/Sgt. Kulikoski, a China Marine who served with A Battery, 11th Marines during the Anping Incident. While he did not serve in the battery that was ambushed, he was most likely part of the relief force that was sent to stop the attack. S/Sgt. Kulikoski had joined the Marines at the end of WWII. He later served in the Korean War and at the US embassies in India and Pakistan.






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