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Henry H. Gray of the 70th Ohio Infantry

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A 1/9th plate image of a Buckeye whom died of disease. A eloquent inscription was written in the case.


"Mr. Henry H. Gray
Died Tuesday April the 12th 1864
friends that are left
behind mourn the
loss of so dear a
friend. But it may
all be for the better
farewell to poor Harrie H



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4 minutes ago, USCapturephotos said:

That’s sad but also a nice image to own.


Thank you. I ended up selling it to a friend for bargain whom did me a couple favors. I'm happy to say it's in a good place in Ohio.

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I have a Bible that has a sad inscription in the front written by a soldier asking someone to return his Bible to his family. It’s dated the day that he died from disease in 1862. I forget which regiment but he was also an Ohio soldier. Will have to check when I get home.


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