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Pre-Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Coast Artillery Service Coat

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Some years ago I acquired this NCO's service coat for a corporal of the Hawaiian Separate Coast Artillery Brigade. A Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot label in the hem has an inspector stamp dated July 22, 1935. The Shoulder Sleeve Insignia is one of those "No Sew" or "No So" removable types.  On the lapels are an N.S. Meyer "Meyer Metal" Coast Artillery/A Branch of Service disk and a "U.S./15" disk, also Meyer Metal. Below is a pair of N.S. Meyer pin-pack 15th Coast Artillery Distinctive Unit Insignia. On the pocket flap is an Expert Qualification badge with "Coast Artillery bar, both marked sterling. The coat came with trousers and a leather garrison belt.

HSCAB 1.jpg

HSCAB 2.jpg

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On the Hawaiian Department side of Coast Artillery units here's a nice 55th C.A. Regt. local tailor made tunic with earlier and larger sided Distinctive Insignia.  Also note the locally manufactured Sgt stripes on the sleeves.







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Thanks to atb and Kiaiokalewa for posting these Hawaiian coats.  Very nice!  I sure enjoy seeing the inter-war uniforms.  

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