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Ethocel Canteen


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A friend of mine from S. California (from whence I departed in 2010) just sent be a box of stuff he picked up at yard sales over the past year or so. He never pays much for anything and I try to educate him on militaria to watch out for. A few years ago he scored a very nice, embellished sea bag owned by a former WW2 Marine whom served in a tank battalion. In any event, I received some miscellaneous items with the two best ones being a collector-grade US M1917 (PLUMB '18) marked Bolo/scabbard and the pictured Ethocel canteen. As usual, I will be moving these for him as I am not particularly interested in either one. The canteen came with the pictured cover. One can only wonder how the belt hook and pad were torn away from the cover (and yet left the padded center still hanging). Seems prices are all over the board for these so once I get a general idea will let him know before I offer it up...

EthCant MMCo 1943 a.JPG

EthCant MMCo 1943 b.JPG

EthCant MMCo 1943 c.JPG

EthCant MMCo 1943 d.JPG

EthCant MMCo 1943 e.JPG

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