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I own a what I was told was a USMC MP brassard, but mine is dark blue with light letters -- attached.


I just found this one -- using the USMC colors, so asking for confirmation on it, and were not the MPs of USMC "Shore Patrol" since they were part of the USN?


Thank you


the one I am looking at buying:



the one I own:

a USMF member added this info when I asked same question:  "The 1937 Marine uniform regulations called for the blue and white brassards"


did they change later in the war?







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bldrhouse - I have seen photographs of pre-WWII Marine MPs wearing the dark brassard with those white letter with periods.

The red brassard with yellow letters would be correct for WWII.  Also, don't confuse Shore Patrol with Military Police.  Shore

Patrol is a temporary duty assignment for sailors to keep their shipmates in-line while on shore leave.  They are not Military

Police.  They are rarely armed with anything other than a club.  The Master At Arms is the police enforcement for the Navy, 

and of course the Marine Military Police.

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