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Does anyone have patches for these? - USS Savo Island CVE-78 and VC-27 "The Saints"


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I hope that I am posting this in the correct forum. (I am new)


I can across these photos recently, believe they are from a cruise book. 

It would be so neat to see what these looked like in color. Would anyone have patches for these. Or any other information on this?





Here is something I found online. 

-VC-27 was a Composite Squadron of Wildcat fighters and Avenger torpedo-bombers, established in November 1943. From July 1944 through January 1945, VC-27 was assigned to the USS Savo Island, an escort carrier. During this tour of duty, they participated 5 major actions, including the epic sea Battle off Samar where a small task force held off an entire Japanese battle fleet. Under the leadership of Lt. Comdr Percival Jackson's Squadron, VC-27 downed 61.5 Japanese planes, more than twice the total of any other VC Squadron. His Fighter Division Leader, Lt. Ralph Elliott Jr., was the top Wildcat ace for all escort carriers in the entire war with 9 confirmed kills. VC-27 also sank or destroyed 30 Japanese ships, subs and barges and destroyed or damaged over 250 bridges, buildings, fuel and ammo dumps, vehicles and other targets. In March VC-27 was reformed under the command of Lt Ralph Elliott, Jr. However, the war ended before VC-27 could rejoin the fight.







VC-27 The Saints squadron patch.JPG

CVE-78 USS Savo Island crest.JPG

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Salvage Sailor

Welcome Aboard,


You're in the right place, just give it some time for the Naval collectors to check in and comment.



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Hello Cyph!  


I recently had patches produced of both emblems.  The colors from the Saints patch comes from a website and photos of the second iteration of the squadron.  The Savo Island colors are a complete guess, as I only could locate the black and white image you have.  I'm on a email list of Saints/Savo Island supporters and they also had a little input and ordered some of the patches from me (at cost).  Here are two websites that have more information: phillcrowther.com/VC27 and
http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2020/09/30/the-saints-squadron-us-navy-most-successful-wildcat-unit/ If you're interested in purchasing either of the patches, they're $11 each (that includes cost of graphic designer who cleaned up the images, production of physical patches, and postage).


Patches Singles.jpg

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