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Uniform, Mass Kit, and Personal Items of Father (later Archbishop of New Orleans) Philip M Hannan, 82nd Airborne


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Although this is not mine, I figured y'all would be interested in seeing the grouping.


The following items belonged to Father Philip M Hannan who later became the Archbishop of New Orleans. Archbishop Hannan was born on May 20, 1913 in the District of Columbia and studied at North American College in Rome from 1936-1939. was ordained on December 8, 1939. He remained in Rome until 1940 and was eventually commissioned a chaplain in the 82nd Airborne. Although he missed the 82nd's jump into Normandy, he arrived in time to administer to the needs of the troops during the Battle of the Bulge. He also witnessed the liberation of Wobbelin Concentration Camp and served as pastor of Cologne Cathedral during the allied occupation of Germany.


Archbishop Hannan was also a friend  the Kennedy family and eulogized John F Kennedy (homily at his Requim Mass) at his funeral. He later served as the Archbishop of New Orleans from 1965-1988 and was a prominent figure in the city's recovery after Hurricane Betsy in 1965. Hannan earned an almost celebrity-like status in the city and was very popular in the New Orleans community after his retirement. I had the pleasure to meet Archbishop Hannan a few times before he died, and he was an absolutely exceptional human being.


Archbishop Hannan died on September 29,2011 at the age of 98. 

He wrote two books about his life which may be of interest to some of y'all:


The Archbishop Wore Combat Boots – From Combat, to Camelot, to Katrina: A Memoir of an Extraordinary Life by Archbishop Philip Hannan with Nancy Collins and Peter Finney, Jr


Rome: Living Under the Axis by Philip M Hannan



The World War Two Museum in New Orleans houses many of his artifacts, but here are some not in that collection. I have included pictures of the following:

-pictures of his traveling mass kit and its content including his chalice, paten, stole, holy water vessel, and host box

-his personal missal and gospel

-his jacket

-his vestments which seem to have been produced using parachute cloth

-a letter from General James H Johnson, assistant division commander of the  82nd Airborne 














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Thank you for sharing . I happened to be sitting in my home office when I saw this post. The last thing my late Grandmother gave me was a copy of his book. She was a devout Catholic and thought so highly of Father Hannan. The book was sitting on my desk next to me, thanks for the smile this brought to my day 


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Y'all are very welcome. He is still a monumental figure in the New Orleans area, and his memoir is extremely well written. He's kind of one of those guys that was fortunate to experience some truly major world events first hand.

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