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Request information David Clark flying suit.


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At the end of WII a bomber of the US 8th Air force crash landed in the middle of Holland.

One of the crew members survived and left a flying suit behind which was found by the local people.

The markings in the flying suit were:

B.U. Aero: US Navy David Clark contact # no a(s) 4761; suit, flying type L.

76 years later there are doubts about the story. This flying suit was introduced in 1945??

I have the following questions:

- What was the first time that is flying suit was used by the 8th Air force in Europe in World War II.

The suit is in good condition and what is the price approximately nowadays.


Regards, Gerrit Kamphuis, Epe Netherlands.




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As the label says, it's a Navy suit. Beyond that I can't tell you much. I may be wrong, but I don't think the U.S. Army Air Force used Navy suits. 


Hopefully someone else can help more. 

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Hi Gerrit,


Just send you a PM with more information and a link to this page on the forum with more details.



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