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USS Missouri Marine M1941 Pack Set


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Got this awesome M1941 Pack set a couple years. Id'd to Robert N. Hergenrather, he was in the Marines stationed on the USS Missouri during WW2 and witnessed the surrender of the Japanese in 1945. He was born July 20th, 1925 and passed April 22nd, 2003, he is buried at Bethel Cemetery in Englewood, Montgomery County, Ohio. The ancestry screenshots I have show in January of 1945 he was a Private First Class attached to Marine Detachment, USS Missouri, C/0 F Post Office, San Francisco, Cal and in October of 1945 he was a Private First Class attached to Marine Detachment, USS Missouri, C/O Fleet Post Office, New York, N. Y. I found a pdf file of the "Hawaii Marine" newspaper from September 1998 talking about the surrender anniversary and Hergenrather is mentioned a couple of times with some quotes from him, I marked in black lines a couple of the paragraphs he was mentioned in in one screenshot as he was mentioned multiple times. I was given a screenshot of a newspaper clipping titled "Don't give up the battleship. Ohio veteran fights to save "Mighty Mo" from scrapyard". In the article Hergenrather and other veterans talk about saving the USS Missouri from the scrapyard. The screenshot is low quality but I did find the website that has the article from the newspaper archived but I can't view it cause you need a membership. Here's a quote about and from Hergenrather from the article, "Robert Hergenrather of Phillipsburg also wants to see the Missouri become a memorial. Hergenrather was one of 98 Marines assigned to the Missouri when the Japanese surrendered aboard the ship in Tokyo Bay. "We were supposed to be the honor guard at the treaty signing, but we didn't even stand at attention because at that time the Americans had no respect whatsoever for the Japanese", Hergenrather said." The picture in the article is of Hergenrather. I'll include links to both newspapers and to his findagrave and obituary on the cemeteries website.





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Nice, very nice pack set to a shipboard Marine on the Missouri! Estate find? 

Thanks for posting!

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