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Early 1900's to Interwar Era Swagger Sticks - USA, USMC, USN Post Yours Here

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Salvage Sailor

Before and after the Great War, many American servicemen adopted the British affectation for Swagger Sticks and had custom made swag's produced in China, the Philippines, Hawaii, the C.Z., and the States.


If you have any swagger sticks in your collection from this era, feel free to post them here.


011 wm.jpg


US 2nd Infantry Regiment Privates with swagger stick, Fort Shafter, T.H. 1916




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Salvage Sailor

How about some 1930's Coast Artillery swagger.....


This is a pair of 21" long swagger sticks which belonged to a CAC man with the initials A.K., the search for his full name continues.


One is from the 6th CAC at Fort Winfield Scott, California - The Harbor Defenses of San Francisco. (Fort Funston, Fort Miley, Presidio of San Francisco, Fort Winfield Scott, Fort McDowell, Fort Baker, Fort Barry, Fort Cronkhite)


The second is from the Hawaiian Separate Coast Artillery Brigade, HQ at Fort Shafter, T.H. (Fort Derussy, Fort Kamehameha, Fort Barrette, Fort Ruger, Fort Weaver, Fort Armstrong)


HSCAB Swagger Stick 007.jpg


HSCAB Swagger Stick 001.jpg


HSCAB Swagger Stick 002.jpg


HSCAB Swagger Stick 003.jpg


The 6th is made of California Redwood with a highly lacquered finish and an afixed Regimental decal - motto: "Certo Dirigo Ictu" (I Aim With a Sure Blow) and "6th Coast Artillery"


6th CAC Swagger Stick 001.jpg


6th CAC Swagger Stick 002.jpg


6th CAC Swagger Stick 003.jpg


6th CAC Swagger Stick 004.jpg


6th CAC Swagger Stick 005.jpg


6th CAC Swagger Stick 006.jpg


6th CAC Swagger Stick 007.jpg


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Salvage Sailor

The Hawaii Separate Coast Artillery Brigade 21" swagger stick is made from Hawaiian Koa wood and had the carved initials "A.K." It also has the H.S.C.A.B. afixed decal beneath a lacquer finish.


HSCAB Swagger Stick 004.jpg


HSCAB Swagger Stick 005.jpg


HSCAB Swagger Stick 006.jpg






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Salvage Sailor

Another HSCAB Swagger Stick - Carved monogram, made of Hawaiian Koa wood with decal and chrome plated .50/.30 caliber shells, quite hefty.  We'll never know how many CAC Privates were swatted and skewered with this while 'under instruction from their superior'.










Hawaiian Separate Coast Artillery Brigade, Hawaiian Department




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Very nice!  Love those sticks!

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