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USS Sabalo (SS-302) Penguin Lighter

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I don't typically buy lighters, but I took her home from an estate sale this morning. Unfortunately, they only had the lighter case, but I loved the patina so much that she had to come home with me. Looks like a pre-Vietnam lighter popular among boat guys.













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Boy Howdy

I really like those old Penguin lighters.

I have found a few with really neat appliques pertaining to the military.

A Zippo insert should fit and was commonly done by servicemen.

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I have some Japanese inserts.  I may have something for your lighter.  

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I went through my Japanese insert box and found this one for you.  Just what the doctor ordered.  It nearly matches the Penguin insert I have on hand.  This insert has seen some action and would match the wear on your lighter.  Your lighter would look silly with a new insert and not appropriate with a Zippo insert.  This insert works too.  



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