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Special Forces web gear set


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sorry, i'm firm they are rangers, they are wearing Ranger Spear Balcs and SDS Ranger Rack kits. I doubt contractors would use military equipment, radios and handsets, usgi brown t-shirts etc... but maybe i am totally wrong on this.

btw this is the bosnian rig i am talking about




I have a similar LBV modified into an "H" harness. The front panels were removed too. It has 2 x M-16 30rd Mag pouches, 3 x SAW ammo pouches , 2 x canteen pouches and the waist belt from a LOWE rucksack. This came from a SF NCO who served 1990s. He stated this was more comfortable for rucking and allowed the use of Waist strap on rucksack.

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Eagle Industries made the Navy SEAL SOMAV (Special Operations Modular Assault Vest), this wasn't a seperate company.


I used to work with a bunch of ST6 guys and one sold me 3 team boxes full of gear. Included in this stuff was 2 sets of Eagle SOMAV gear and a bunch of other stuff-wish I had kept it.



do you have any photos of seals wearing somav vests in action? thanks in advance.







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